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DEFY Token

DEFY is the utility token of DEFY, a play-to-earn NFT Blockchain mobile game. DEFY immerses players in a metaverse that bridges the virtual and physical worlds, fusing hyper casual code breaking gameplay, learn-to-earn elements and real world exploration with AR adventures.


What is DEFY Token?

DEFY offers an in-game economy that is designed with scale and longevity in mind. The game features a dual currency system coupled with an extensive variety of tradable game assets and multiple incentive mechanisms to reward players who are willing to put in the effort.

DEFY is launched with both premium and free-to-play user pathways aimed to greatly enhance user acquisition and retention. The game also offers an innovative graduation scholarship model that aims to revolutionize the pathway to flexible work freedom for P2E players.

DEFY taps into pop culture to create a rich Player vs Environment (PvE) narrative that has operatives joining a revolutionary hacker organization with the mission of keeping the metaverse open and out of the control of the evil tech oligarchy, Future Systems. As the game evolves, factions and Player vs Player (PvP) elements will add to the longevity of the game and the complexity of the peer-to-peer economy.

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